What You Can Learn From A Tree

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.”  Did you ever sing that song as a kid?  I did.  The funny thing about life is that now I really am a lumberjack.

Well, not a professional.  But I do own a chainsaw and the appropriate safety gear (hey, aren’t fluorescent orange chaps sexy?) and I spend time felling trees, cutting them to the right size, splitting them into firewood and then, eventually, keeping warm all winter from the fruits of my labour.

So, when I look at a tree I see winter heat for my family.  I mentally assess how much firewood I could get from it and how hard it would be to do all the work.  I’m sure that a carpenter or woodworker would look at the same tree and have a completely different thought process, but they’d still be seeing more than just bark and leaves.

But that tree will not keep me warm.  No matter how big it is or how many BTU’s of heat energy it could produce, the tree will not keep me warm.

I need to actually follow through on the process to turn that tree into firewood and then burn it in the wood stove to get the heat.  It takes work on my part to turn the potential of the tree into an actual warm, comfortable home.

The knowledge and tools for achieving (and maintaining) a healthy weight are a lot like that tree.  They are potential.  You can imagine how they will help you lose weight.  You can calculate how they will increase your metabolism or reduce stress.

But until you actually start to apply the knowledge and use the tools then you’ll be cold all winter long.

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I am a contract programmer, web developer and trainer. I love to write and read, so building web sites with useful information and/or entertaining stories is somewhat of a natural fit. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a loving husband and father, and an avid (although not very good) golfer.
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  1. Hi, LoneWolf! This article is so inspiring! Woodchopping work is not the easiest work on a planet, as same as turning on to a healthier lifestyle. But you prove it it`s all mental. I was wondering, what do you think people struggle the most when it comes to making that decision?
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