I Need to Lose Some Wait

Exercise EquipmentI’m a procrastinator.  I have this nasty habit of putting things off until tomorrow.  Or next week.  Or next year.  It is something that I struggle with and I have as long as I can remember.

But I need to lose some wait!  If I want to lose weight then the procrastination has to stop.

I’ve spent over a quarter of a century putting on pounds of excess weight.  I didn’t get to where I am overnight.  But at any point along that journey I could have made the changes to a healthier life style and reversed the trend.  But I was always waiting for something.

There are many changes that I need to make to lose weight and be healthier.  But there is always a reason to wait before jumping into making those changes.

I know that I need to do some weight training to reach my goal.  But I didn’t have the equipment and I hate going to the gym.  So I waited.

Now I have the equipment.  We found a wonderful BowFlex unit at a garage sale.  It’s sitting in my garage all ready to go.  But we were reorganizing and decluttering the house.  The garage filled up with junk and I couldn’t get at the machine.  So I waited.

Now the garage is cleaned up (mostly) and the access to the machine is there.  But I’m not feeling up to it today.  So I waited.

But no more.  The waiting stops now.  I’ve set myself a goal.  I’ve made a plan to achieve it.  There is nothing left to wait for.  Well, maybe I could wait until …

What do you wait for?  How are you going to stop waiting?  If you have a story to share then post it in the comments below.

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